The top­ics sol­licit­ed are :

  • Formalisms, theories, formal approaches, methods and languages for expressing and understanding model-driven software evolution.
  • (Co-)evolution and (co-)adaptation of models, meta-models and modeling languages; classification of (co-)evolution scenarios.
  • Coordination of models, meta-models.
  • Supporting processes and tools for managing model-driven evolution.
  • Transformation techniques for evolving models: restructuring, refactoring, migration, translation.
  • Traceability, verification/validation of evolving models and transformations.
  • Evolution of software architectures and architecture description languages.
  • Evolution in the cloud-computing.
  • Runtime models and consistency validation; (in)consistency management.
  • Conformance checking, inconsistency management, synchronization, differencing, comparison, versioning, impact analysis of evolving models.
  • Analysis of model maintainability.
  • Development and maintenance processes for model consistency management.
  • Empirical studies.
  • Industrial needs, case-studies and experiences.


2012. ACM/IEEE - 15th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MoDELS)
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